Cutting technology from holac brings Swiss cheese specialties into shape

The Swiss cheese manufacturer Imlig relies on cutting technology from holac. The company, based in Oberriet (Canton St. Gallen), has put a new high-performance machine from the Baden-Württemberg cutting specialist into operation. For Imlig, the focus was on being able to process a wide range of different types of cheese with a single machine. The high demands on hygiene were also decisive in the company choosing holac.

The new cutting machine forms the heart of a production line. Imlig has specialized in large packs for hotels, restaurants and canteens, in addition to medium and small packs for discount. Imlig produces a wide range of different types of cheese – including semi-hard cheese, grated cheese, raclette cheese and fondue cheese. The cutting machine must be accordingly adaptable to cut complete blocks with different consistencies and fat contents. to be able to process. « With this machine, holac has helped us to close a very important gap in our product range, » says CEO Urs Imlig.

Top performance in terms of service and cleanliness

Imlig is also convinced of the ease of use and hygiene: « We have also found that the machine is very easy to dismantle, clean and reassemble, which is very important for the production of food. »

The cheese manufacturer Imlig focuses on the quality and reliability of the systems: over 60 employees work in the company, some of whom work in three shifts. Up to 1,000 tons of cheese ripen in the fully automated warehouse, 50 percent of which is exported.