Update 05.05.2020

After many weeks of strictly enforced regulations & specified procedures, the German authorities have slowly started to relax the lockdown measures – that said, many things we could not have imagined having to do a few months ago now seem normal these days. We are thus working on further building up our levels of spare and assembly parts and are now at a point where we have increased our already extensive off-the-shelf stock  by another 35%, enabling us to cover additional service and machine assembly  now and in the coming months. Although we did experience some delivery issues on some specific parts but have so far been able to find alternative solutions in each case and ensure prompt deliveries.

In addition to the “day to day work”,  there is another aspect to this situation and in spite of the heart-breaking ongoing international events affecting us all, there are still some small crumbs of comfort to be had. The inspirational response both internally within holac as well as via our world-wide Partners and suppliers has been simply awe-inspiring. These peerless efforts have meant that our business continues to remain at a more than satisfactory level and the bonds within the entire global holac family stronger than ever.

The day when we will be able to thank everyone personally face to face cannot come quickly enough.

Update 23.03.2020

With immediate effect, we have adapted our manufacturing process taking both shift and individual space requirements into account.

Supply chains remain stable.

Delivery times have not been unduly affected.


As a result of the current Corona crisis, our community as well as our company, has found itself in a situation never previously encountered. We are following all recommended Governmental advice in order to contain the current pandemic.

At holac  we have promptly re-assured our Partners and direct customers that our Service Dept. is 100% operative during these uncertain times.

Therefore we have already taken measures to protect our prized Staff as well as endeavouring to continue being the most reliable supplier to our valued customers in the best possible achievable manner.

As early as January of this year, we took the steps to increase levels of spare parts and machine stocks.

We do not expect supply chains to deteriorate however we are in daily contact with all suppliers to ensure that this remains the case.

The well-being of our employees and their families remains the number 1 priority. As such we are constantly (re)educating and re-emphasising to employees the need and the critical importance in following current government recommendations in regards to personal hygiene and sanitizing.

We have implemented Home Office procedures for various Administrative operations. We have also prepared varying shift processes to facilitate „whatever it takes“Operations.

Many thanks to the whole Team for the professional and focused way in which everyone has gone about dealing with the daily challenges we all now face.

In spite of all current travel restrictions, we remain in constant contact and available for all customers via means of either telephone or video-conferencing.

In case of any concerns or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

May all of our colleagues and their respective families remain safe and healthy!

Achim Holz
Managing partner