Maxx 116 U / LP

Superior cutting hygiene

Maxx 116 U / LP
The Maxx 116 U/LP is the perfect machine in the holac range of products for pre-formed/cased material. The Maxx 116 U has a special U-shaped magazine with a hydraulically powered cut-off blade. The Maxx 116 LP has a hydraulically powered sidewall and guillotine cut-off blade. Both machines can be used in either semi-automatic or within automatic product lines. Either a hoist/tilting device or product feed conveyor belts can be integrated.
  • Fully sealed VAC product loading chamber with open drainages
  • U-shaped magazine with hydraulically powered guillotine cut-off blade
  • THC system*
  • High-speed hydraulics guarantee minimum loading times
  • Maxx-pack for products with high cutting resistance*
  • Tool control feature*
  • Fully automatic lubrication system
  • Computer controlled and touch screen
  • Product window in blade chamber
  • Two-part grid
  • Hardened shear edges and product stabilisers
  • Simple and safe grid fixation
  • Special cheese-cutting attachments
  • Intelligent automatic slice speed control


Technical data
(Depending on product)
Loading dimension W x H x L
Power supply
L x W x H
Cutting grid
Discharge conveyor/Touchscreen
Maxx 116 U
(Depending on product)
Max. 2.300 kg/h

Loading dimension W x H x L116 x 116 x 520 mm
Feed1-40 mm
Power supply10,5 kW
L x W x H2.150 x 1.700 x 1.900 mm
Cutting grid4 x 4 mm - 58 x 58 mm
Weight1.050 kg
Discharge conveyor/TouchscreenYes
Maxx 116 LP
(Depending on product)
Max. 2.800 kg/h

Loading dimension W x H x L116 x 116 x 535 mm
Feed1-40 mm
Power supply11,0 kW
L x W x H2.020 x 1.835 x 1.995mm
Cutting grid4x4 mm - 58x58mm
Weight1.150 kg
Discharge conveyor/TouchscreenYes