Cubixx 100 L

The all rounder

Cubixx 100 L
Its flexibility is what attracts customers on the Cubixx 100 L. Whether it diced meat for stews, meat strips for fry, ham strips or grated cheese, the Cubixx 100 L effectively carries out any job you need.
  • Fully sealed product loading chamber with open drainages
  • Loading chamber closure with compression block
  • Computer controlled
  • THC system*
  • Compact design on wheels
  • Two-part grid
  • Hardened shear edges and product stabilisers
  • Simple and safe grid fixation


Technical data
(Depending on product)
Loading dimension W x H x L
Power supply
L x W x H
Cutting grid
Discharge conveyor/Touchscreen
Cubixx 100 L
(Depending on product)
Max. 1.600 kg/h

Loading dimension W x H x L100 x 100 x 400 mm
Feed1-35 mm
Power supply2,6 kw
L x W x H1.365 x 635 x 1.140 mm
Cutting grid4 x 4 mm - 50 x 50 mm
Weight250 kg
Discharge conveyor/TouchscreenYes